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Workforce Tracking
Vehicle & Fleet Tracking
Asset Tracking

Putting control in the palm of your hands

Track your workforce and fleet with ease.

Affordable solutions based on your needs.
Discreet tracking
Tracking is SIM-based and does not require any application.
24/7 tracking
Real-time tracking and location polling.
Works on any device, including feature phones.
Historical trace
Keep track of your history.
*QuickTrack VAS comes with a 12-month contract.


Starting from as low as
per month

Quicktrack is available with selected Enterprise Postpaid Plans.

Available on the following plans:
  • Hero Postpaid(U28, P38, P48, P70 and P98)
  • Member Line (Share 20 and 50)
  • Ultimate Device Plans(UD60, UD90 and UD130)
  • iPlans (i40, i60, i90 and i130)
  • Enterprise Plans (E28, E58, E88 and U Plus)
  • U Platinum and U Premium
  • E-PAYU
Please contact us for further info.
QuickTrack is only available with a 12-month contract.
A penalty may be applied for early termination.

Register your interest with your account manager.

You will receive a new QuickTrack enabled SIM.

Insert the SIM into the device to start tracking.

SIM applet will provide location updates on defined intervals.

Location and historical information will be uploaded to a QuickTrack server.

Real-time location can be obtained by accessing a dedicated portal.