KUALA LUMPUR, 16 October 2015 - U Mobile kicked off sales of iPhone 6s at 12.01am on 16th October 2015, Friday. Customers started queuing hours earlier for their chance to be the first to sign up for Malaysia’s best iPhone 6s plan. The wait was not in vain as not only did they get the latest iPhone with the best mobile plans in Malaysia, they also walked away with mystery gifts.

Nigel Pong, a dentist from KL, was U Mobile’s first iPhone 6s customer. He stood in the queue for hours to purchase two iPhone 6s, one for himself and one as a gift for his pregnant wife who is giving birth next week. Nigel, being first in the queue was also entitled to a mystery gift after signing up for the MyUMobile App. He is seated with Wong Heang Tuck (left), Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile and Jasmine Lee(right), Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile.

The elated Nigel Pong with his gold-coloured iPhone 6s. He subscribed to the iPhone i60 plans for both the iPhones he purchased at the U Mobile iPhone 6s launch event.

Nigel Pong was delighted to be U Mobile 1st customer for iPhone 6s, “I’m so happy to be the 1st in the queue to sign up for U Mobile’s iPlan for my wife and me. I chose U Mobile because it has the best value plans with the highest data allocation. I’m also excited that I got a mystery gift, it is a bonus that made the wait really worthwhile!”

Nigel Pong signed up for the i60 Plan which offers up to 5GB of data at a low price of RM 63.60 every month.

To make owning an iPhone even easier, U Mobile launched an enhanced financing plan called Flexi U MicroCredit which gives customers the freedom to choose the financing amount as well as repayment duration.

Chan Foong Ai is one of U Mobile’s first Flexi U MicroCredit customers for iPhone 6s Plus. She was delighted she could opt for U Mobile’s Flexi U MicroCredit programme as it made it possible for her to own the latest iPhone. Foong Ai is showing her pride and joy – iPhone 6s Plus and seated to her right is Wong Heang Tuck, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile and left is Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile.

Foong Ai is delighted to be able to opt for U Mobile’s Flexi U MicroCredit to purchase her iPhone 6s Plus, “I really wanted to own the iPhone 6s Plus but at the high price point, I thought I could never afford one. I am really glad that U Mobile has the Flexi U Microcredit programme and through the financing programme, I am able to own a iPhone 6s Plus. I’m glad that the whole application process was painless too. U Mobile made owning an iPhone really easy.”

Foong Ai signed up for Flexi U MicroCredit and she chose the i40 plan, which is the lowest entry iPhone 6s plan at RM42.40 every month.

U Mobile Flexi U MicroCredit details - http://www.u.com.my/umicrocredit.
U Mobile iPlans details – http://www.u.com.my/iphone6s-plans