U Mobile again pushed market standard and redefined benchmarks for postpaid plans with even higher mobile Internet allocation

U Mobile New Postpaid Plan_Pic 1: (left) Jasmine Lee, U Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer and Lee Fook Heng (right), U Mobile’s Head of Product Marketing unveiling the new U Mobile postpaid plans, which offer postpaid mobile and broadband users an additional 2GB of high speed mobile internet.

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 June 2015 - U Mobile Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative telco has, once again, pushed the market standard and redefined benchmarks with its enhanced postpaid plans and service offerings. The upgraded plans come with the MOST data allowance in town, as well as FREE on-net calls, FREE SMSs and LOWEST call rate – making Malaysia\'s widely recognised best postpaid plan better than ever before! Increasing Data consumption by Malaysian Consumers

Consumers in Malaysia are highly connected. There are over 10 million smartphone users in Malaysia. They spend more than 3 hours a day surfing the Internet using their mobile devices. Active mobile social accounts have grown significantly with an increase of approximately 15% since January 2014. Whereas the share of webpage views for mobile devices stands at 35% as of January 2015. Malaysian mobile phone users have a huge appetite for data consumption, be it for work or leisure.

Malaysia’s Best Postpaid Plans Get Better

When U Mobile postpaid plans hit the shelves three years ago, the plans were widely recognised as the best in town, pioneering the all-in-one product design by bundling unlimited mobile Internet, calls and SMS services in one single package.

The telco’s three anchor postpaid plans – U28, P50 and P70 – sets the bar for offering great value to consumers with generous call minutes and SMSes, as well as the MOST data allowances at the most competitive rate, compared to other postpaid plans in the market within the same category.

Customers who switch over to U Mobile can easily experience a significant saving of 30% to 40% on the monthly bills thanks to the value U Mobile packs in its postpaid package.

U Mobile postpaid plan subscribers are also enjoying unique offerings and services that they are unable to get from other service providers. That includes FREE data for video streaming on YouTube and Tonton during off-peak hours; FREE music streaming all day and all night on KKBOX, MY FM, Hitz.FM and Era.FM; FREE Internet Roaming in 9 countries.

U Mobile postpaid customers will also enjoy attractive U Card privileges, where they can earn, cash-in their U Card points and enjoy special redemption at participating merchants like Starbucks, Caltex and more. They can also enjoy weekly new merchant discounts exclusive to U Card members only, as well as instantly redeem products and gifts from U Mobile and more than 70 lifestyle merchants at over 2,800 retail outlets nationwide.

Today, U Mobile excites the market with its enhanced postpaid plans that address the ever-increasing demand for high speed, high quality mobile Internet by adding another 2GB on top of the current data allowances for each postpaid mobile and broadband plans. This will certainly give consumers greater bandwidth to stream videos, music, surf the Web and stay connected via social media platform. The most exciting part is – the prices for all postpaid plans remain the same!

“Over 70% of U Mobile subscribers are smartphone users, and we expect this trend to accelerate further as smartphone become an ubiquitous device and the functional epicentre of consumers’ work, play, daily routine and lifestyle. In the past few months, we observed a steep increase in mobile data usage within our network. We believe this trend is aligned with our 3G and 4G LTE rollout. Majority of our subscribers are now enjoying high speed mobile Internet on our superior 3G and 4G LTE network,” said Jasmine Lee , Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile.

“Being a data centric player, U Mobile is constantly observing consumers and market’s demand for mobile Internet connectivity, as well as opportunities to address these demands. This is the rationale behind our action to upgrade the current best postpaid plans and make it even better. We have always been a leader in product innovation and value offerings and we will continue to ensure U Mobile postpaid is the best plan in town,” she added.

Both new and existing postpaid mobile and broadband subscribers can enjoy the enhanced features of U Mobile postpaid plans from 29 June 2015.

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