Telco empowers consumers to #GetClever and make the right choices for their mobile plans with uncluttered and simplified product & service offerings

Kuala Lumpur, 31 January 2015 – U Mobile, Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative telco, shocks the market by challenging the industry norm with its all new range of prepaid and postpaid products and services – offering the same rates and benefits for both segments. With the mission of giving back the power to the consumers to make the best choice according to their mobile usage, U Mobile’s all new prepaid and postpaid packages stand out from the rest of the complicated and confusing offerings available in the market with its straightforward, uncluttered and simplified product features. Maintaining its commitment in delivering the best value-for-money offerings in town, the all new U Mobile packages offer the best rates with the highest allowance for both mobile Internet and voice calls for both segments.

What is the Industry Norm?
The market segments in Telco industry have always been defined based on consumers’ payment methods – postpaid and prepaid. There has always been an assumption that postpaid customers are MORE valuable than prepaid. Therefore postpaid users always receive better deals in terms of price or benefits than prepaid users.

On top of that, mobile service products in the market are very much complicated with many different rate plans and allowances. Consumers can be easily confused and overwhelmed when choosing mobile service package to fit their lifestyle and usage patterns. Sometimes, and in fact very often, they end up paying more than they need.

U Mobile’s Groundbreaking Prepaid and Postpaid Plans

With the mission of being the consumers’ advocate, U Mobile beats the industry mould and introduces its new prepaid and postpaid product range, offering the same rates and same benefits for both segments. U Mobile believes prepaid and postpaid consumers have the right to choose their preferred payment method, and they should be treated with the same level of importance.

*For detailed information about the new prepaid and postpaid, please refer to the attached Fact Sheet.

The new product range is very much uncluttered and simplified compared to the other service offerings available in the market. On top of that, the new plans are still the best in the town, featuring the LOWEST local call rate, the most FREE on net call minutes and the LARGEST mobile data allocation, which is 50% more than its peers, and the lowest price for each category in the market.

“Consumers and mobile users may not be aware that many of them are actually paying more than they should. Most of the time, it is because the plans are overly complicated and it is hard for them to find the best match for their lifestyle. We at U Mobile take heed of this concern and believe consumers have the right to understand and know what they are paying for. A simple, straightforward service range will help them in making the right choices and give the power back to them to determine what’s best for their usage,” said Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile Sdn Bhd.

“To be consumers advocate, we need to put ourselves in their position and think what concerns them and how we can provide better solutions to our customers,” Jasmine added. “We are not here to play safe. If we need to break status quo to meet consumers’ needs, we will not hesitate to do so.”

U Mobile remains continuously dedicated in looking for innovative ways to explore various avenues that reach out to its subscriber base as the company strives towards offering the best mobile experience possible nationwide.

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