U Mobile Recruits and Rewards Consumers through a Word-of-Mouth Advocacy Progamme

U Mobile Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative telco, takes its users on a new and exciting journey with U Ranger – an advocacy program open both to U Mobile and non-U Mobile users. The U Ranger program is a word-of-mouth initiative aimed to reward users that endorse the U Mobile brand through completing a series of missions.

The U Ranger program is similar to an online game, enabling users to earn U Ranger points that can be converted to U Card points for users to redeem their rewards of choice at participating merchants. In line with U Mobile’s aim to continuously surprise and engage with consumers in unique ways, the U Ranger program reflects a vibrant way of mobile consumer engagement.

“The U Ranger campaign is our way of rewarding our mobile consumers by allowing them to have some fun whilst they get their friends and family to join the U Mobile bandwagon and enjoy the benefits we offer as they stay connected. We believe that rewards-based programs require an element of excitement, as well as consumer engagement in order to relate further with our customers,” said Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile Sdn Bhd.

“U Mobile has significantly expanded its data heavy customer base. As such, expressing our appreciation to our consumers through loyalty programs using a familiar online based engagement is natural for U Mobile. We continue to provide an unrivalled mobile experience to consumers, aside to market best, value-for-money product proposition,” she added.

The U Ranger program consists of a variety of missions for consumers to engage in. A mission is a simple and fun activity that can be subdivided into 2 types: a daily mission and a big mission. A daily mission only requires 2-3 minutes to complete, where customers are encouraged to share their opinion on a given topic. The points for a daily mission will be rewarded immediately after the response.

Alternatively, a big mission requires more effort from the user as it involves writing reviews, photo sharing, and posting a video on the given topic, with some missions requiring social media shares for further completion. A higher amount of points will then be rewarded to the user after the response has been assessed.

The mechanics for the U Ranger program consist of several steps. To be part of the journey, the user must first sign up as an Advocator on, where they will be able to login daily to complete the given missions. The program is compatible on both mobile and desktop platforms and requires easy registration via e-mail or Facebook. Points earned from completing each mission are later converted to U Card points to be redeemed at all U Card merchant stores nationwide.

The U Ranger program is set to run beginning the month of August till December 2014, with the average length of each U Ranger campaign being four weeks in total. U Mobile takes on its loyalty program to the next level with this campaign and aspires to capture greater subscriber growth through its unique user approaches in the telco industry.

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