• Telco Brings Prepaid Contests to Reward Customers in Light of Hari Gawai and Pesta Kaamatan Celebration
  • U Mobile Opts for Aggressive Measures in Pursuit of Greater Market Share in East Malaysia.

U Mobile Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative telco, gives East Malaysian consumers more reasons to stay connected and rejoice this Hari Gawai and Pesta Kaamatan season, as the telco is hot on its heels to reward its subscribers through the “Lucky 30” and “Borneo Quest” campaigns. The rewarding activities are also part of U Mobile’s aggressive initiatives to gain greater market share in the region.

Joining in the Harvest Festival celebration in East Malaysia, U Mobile is encouraging customers to be connected with their friends and family during the festive season. Be it thoughtfully-crafted instant messages, or heartwarming phone calls; festive joy are best shared and expressed during auspicious occasions. Through the campaigns, U Mobile customers can now enjoy great rewards and benefits from being in touch with their loved ones.

In light of the telco’s recent expansion to the East Malaysian market, both the “Lucky 30” and “Borneo Quest” campaigns are aimed at giving U Mobile prepaid subscribers in Sabah and Sarawak a fun and rewarding experience, whilst encouraging further engagement with the brand.

Apart from rewarding U Mobile customers within the region, the contests are part of U Mobile’s pipeline activities and marketing strategies to expand its presence in Sabah and Sarawak – enabling users to subscribe to U Mobile services, enjoy its high quality services at market-best rates, and be rewarded with prizes and bonuses.

“We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate both the Hari Gawai and Pesta Kaamatan with our customers in East Malaysia by rewarding them as they stay connected with their loved ones this festive season. Both the “Lucky 30” and “Borneo Quest” campaigns attest to our commitment in bringing consumers gratifying mobile experience while enjoying high quality services at market-best rates,” said Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile.

“We see great growth potential within the East Malaysia region, as smartphone adoption and penetration is on an upward trend here. We are excited about the plans and initiatives we have in the pipeline for this region,” she added.

From 20 May to 19 July 2014, the 8-week campaigns will run concurrently, providing an ample and multi-faceted reward opportunity for U Mobile prepaid subscribers to enjoy bonuses and benefits while enjoying the telco’s high speed mobile internet, as well as its good quality voice services.

The aptly-titled Lucky 30 contest is set to pleasantly surprise every 30th U Mobile prepaid subscriber in the region that tops up a minimum of RM30 by rewarding them with RM10 top-up credit. This provides them greater bandwidth to stay connected with their friends and family during the festive season, as well as enjoying high speed internet browsing.

Borneo Quest contest, on the other hand, offers a greater set of prizes as requires U Mobile prepaid subscribers in East Malaysia to register via U Mobile’s official Facebook page to participate. Upon successful registration, each user will earn an amount of 10 points with the option of earning an additional 20 points, should they successfully invite 50 Facebook friends to join in the fun.

Points for the Borneo Quest contest can be generated through successful prepaid Top Up transactions, where 30 points are awarded for every RM30 top-up, 50 points for every RM50 top-up, and 100 points for every RM100 top-up. The Top 20 users with the highest points will consequently appear on the official U Mobile leaderboard and the Top 6 highest points will be handsomely rewarded as monthly winners.

Attractive prizes up for grabs include brand new ZTE V817 phones and travel vouchers worth RM1,500. The Borneo Quest will run in two separate monthly slots, with Month 1 running from 20 May till 19 June 2014 and Month 2 running from 20 June till 19 July 2014.

The debut of both the Lucky 30 and Borneo Quest Contest provides as a platform for existing and new U Mobile customers to enjoy U Mobile’s products and services. To date, the great offerings within the U Mobile prepaid plans, such as free calls, free SMS and Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) have been very well received by consumers, making it a hot-selling mobile service in the East Malaysia region.